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Tasque::TaskGroup Class Reference

Inherited by Tasque::CompletedTaskGroup.

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Detailed Description

A TaskGroup is a Widget that represents a grouping of tasks that are shown in the TaskWindow. For example, "Overdue", "Today", "Tomorrow", etc.

Definition at line 13 of file TaskGroup.cs.

Public Member Functions

bool ContainsTask (ITask task, out Gtk.TreeIter iter)
 Convenience method to determine whether the specified task is currently shown in this TaskGroup.
void EnterEditMode (ITask task, Gtk.TreeIter iter)
int GetIterIndex (Gtk.TreeIter iter)
int GetIterPos (Gtk.TreeIter iter)
int GetNChildren (Gtk.TreeIter iter)
void Refilter (ICategory selectedCategory)
 TaskGroup (string groupName, DateTime rangeStart, DateTime rangeEnd, Gtk.TreeModel tasks)

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool FilterTasks (Gtk.TreeModel model, Gtk.TreeIter iter)
 Filter out tasks that don't fit within the group's date range.
override void OnRealized ()
void OnSettingChanged (Preferences preferences, string settingKey)

Protected Attributes

bool showCompletedTasks


string DisplayName [get]
Gtk.Widget ExtraWidget [get, set]
int HeaderHeight [get]
bool HideWhenEmpty [get, set]
DateTime TimeRangeEnd [get, set]
DateTime TimeRangeStart [get, set]
Gtk.TreeView TreeView [get]


Gtk.ButtonPressEventHandler ButtonPressed
Gtk.RowActivatedHandler RowActivated

Private Member Functions

ICategory GetSelectedCategory ()
 This returns the currently selected category. TODO: This should really be moved as a method Application or or something.
bool IsToday (DateTime testDate)
void OnButtonPressed (object sender, Gtk.ButtonPressEventArgs args)
void OnNumberOfTasksChanged (object sender, EventArgs args)
void OnRowActivated (object sender, Gtk.RowActivatedArgs args)
void Refilter ()
 Refilter the hard way by discovering the category to filter on.
bool ShowCompletedTask (ITask task)

Private Attributes

Gtk.Widget extraWidget
Gtk.HBox extraWidgetHBox
Gtk.TreeModelFilter filteredTasks
Gtk.Label header
bool hideWhenEmpty
DateTime timeRangeEnd
DateTime timeRangeStart
TaskTreeView treeView

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