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Auth RtmNet::Rtm::AuthGetFullToken ( string  miniToken  )  [inline]

Gets the full token details for a given mini token, entered by the user following a web based authentication.

miniToken The mini token.
An instance Auth class, detailing the user and their full token.

Definition at line 457 of file Rtm.cs.

                  Hashtable parameters = new Hashtable();
                  parameters.Add("method", "rtm.auth.getFullToken");
                  parameters.Add("mini_token", miniToken.Replace("-", ""));
                  RtmNet.Response response = GetResponse(parameters);

                  if( response.Status == ResponseStatus.OK )
                        Auth auth = new Auth(response.AllElements[0]);
                        return auth;
                        throw new RtmApiException(response.Error);

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