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XmlElement [] RtmNet::Rtm::TestGeneric ( string  method,
NameValueCollection  parameters 
) [inline]

Can be used to call unsupported methods in the Rtm API.

Use of this method is not supported. The way the RtmNet API Library works may mean that some methods do not return an expected result when using this method.

method The method name, e.g. "Rtm.test.null".
parameters A list of parameters. Note, api_key is added by default and is not included. Can be null.
An array of XmlElement instances which is the expected response.

Definition at line 1189 of file Rtm.cs.

                  Hashtable _parameters = new Hashtable();
                  if( parameters != null )
                        foreach(string key in parameters.AllKeys)
                              _parameters.Add(key, parameters[key]);
                  _parameters.Add("method", method);

                  RtmNet.Response response = GetResponse(_parameters);

                  if( response.Status == ResponseStatus.OK )
                        return response.AllElements;
                        throw new RtmApiException(response.Error);

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