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string RtmNet::Rtm::AuthCalcUrl ( string  frob,
AuthLevel  authLevel 
) [inline]

Calculates the URL to redirect the user to Rtm web site for authentication. Used by desktop application. See AuthGetFrob for example code.

frob The FROB to be used for authentication.
authLevel The AuthLevel stating the maximum authentication level your application requires.
The url to redirect the user to.

Definition at line 387 of file Rtm.cs.

                  if( sharedSecret == null ) throw new SignatureRequiredException();

                  string hash = sharedSecret + "api_key" + apiKey + "frob" + frob + "perms" + authLevel.ToString().ToLower();
                  hash = Md5Hash(hash);
                  string url = AuthUrl + "?api_key=" + apiKey + "&perms=" + authLevel.ToString().ToLower() + "&frob=" + frob;
                  url += "&api_sig=" + hash;

                  return url;

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