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Auth RtmNet::Rtm::AuthGetToken ( string  frob  )  [inline]

After the user has authenticated your application on the Rtm web site call this method with the FROB (either stored from AuthGetFrob or returned in the URL from the Rtm web site) to get the users token.

frob The string containing the FROB.
A Auth object containing user and token details.

Definition at line 431 of file Rtm.cs.

                  if( sharedSecret == null ) throw new SignatureRequiredException();

                  Hashtable parameters = new Hashtable();
                  parameters.Add("method", "rtm.auth.getToken");
                  parameters.Add("frob", frob);

                  RtmNet.Response response = GetResponse(parameters);
                  if( response.Status == ResponseStatus.OK )
                        Auth auth = new Auth(response.AllElements[0]);
                        return auth;
                        throw new RtmApiException(response.Error);

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